An instant student loan for one semester.

Admission to a supplementary, supplementary or postgraduate course as well as a. For your doctorate please submit the form “proof of academic degree”. Provided that your loan in the new semester is independent of income. You want to start your studies? Earlier semesters financed by the Good Lender student loan, eg before a change of subject, can also be included.

Cheap prices for the university

Cheap prices for the university

Various loan offers for students have been issued by the financial institutions. Many banks and savings banks offer student loans from the state-owned Good Lender promotional bank from the first semester. The effective interest rate of the Good Lender group is 5.15% or more. Some regional banks are even under 5%. For students in Nuremberg and Lower Franconia.

In the payout phase, 3.5 percentage points of fixed and in the repayment phase 4.4 percentage points of variable interest are required. The Cream Bank in Hof with 4.95 percentage points and in Rotenburg with 4.50 percentage points fixed effective interest rate for their lending business have little deterioration. This is a big plus point of the student loan: you can choose how much you need from your house bank.

Several banks continue to pay abroad during the semester. Those who completely finance their studies on credit have a lot to do at the beginning of their career. Example: As of September 1, a student lends the maximum rate of USD 650 per year for ten semesters to the Good Lender group. At the end of his study period, his debt amounts to USD 39,000 plus the interest payments incurred so far.

If he completes his studies as planned after the fourth semester, the Good Lender group pushes its further interest claims into the repayment phase. In our example, this starts 18 months after graduation in May 2013, when the graduate repays 273,80 USD per month. He paid his student loan at the closing rate of 248.17 â $ “after 25 years, in March 2038.

Only when the nominal interest rate remains constant at 5.1 percentage points over the 31.5-year period does the effective interest rate amount to 5.15 percentage points. This is not likely because interest rates on the financial market will change. If the interest rate increases to 8.38 percentage points, the student loan becomes drastically more expensive. In order to pay for the USD 25,000 in 25 years, almost USD 200 per month has to be paid.

At 5.1 percentage points, the rate is not even 150 USD. At the end of the repayment, the interest differential amounts to around USD 7,500. It is better to calculate loans at a fixed rate. They make it clear from the outset what to pay. The monthly rate is limited to 300 USD, the variable rate is currently 4.1%.

However, the Good Finance is the cheapest form of student financing. The maximum rate is 585 $ / month. The big advantage: Only half the sum must be paid back and not more than 10,000 USD.